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Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are very common in the general population and especially amongst people that play sport. They are one of the most popular reasons people come to see a physiotherapist.

Common Injuries:

  • Ligament injuries affecting the outside of the ankle- usually from sport, impact or twisting with the foot turning inwards.
  • Tendon injuries affecting the major tendons that run alongside or behind the ankle such as the Achilles, peroneal or tibialis posterior tendons. Symptoms are usually associated with a change in load or training and will often affect your ability to train or compete.
  • Ankle instability that is usually the result of repeated ligament injuries. In this case, you may find that you roll your ankle more often which leads to regular time away from doing the things that you enjoy.

What Can We do?

Hands On Physiotherapy:

This includes a number of treatment techniques to assist with swelling management, reducing pain and restoring mobility and may include:

  • Joint mobilisations
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Dry Needling
  • Taping

Exercise Based physiotherapy:

Once the cause of your ankle pain has been determined, your physiotherapist will be able to design a tailored exercise plan to return you to your normal work, sport or recreational activities. This might include:

  • Stretches and mobility exercises to help restore movement.
  • Muscle activation exercises to address weak or inhibited muscle groups (very common after an ankle injury).
  • Strengthening exercises to restore power to affected muscles.
  • Return to running/sport/work exercises that are tailored towards your specific goals

All of our patients will have the option to carry out their rehabilitation exercises one to one with their physiotherapist or take part in one of our exercise classes in our on site gym.

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