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Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are very common and are one of the most popular reasons people come to see a physiotherapist.

Common Injuries:

  • Ligament injuries – usually from sport, impact or twisting in an unexpected way.
  • Cartilage or meniscal tears – highly associated with twisting and often result in swelling and pain around the entire knee with reduced movement.
  •  Cruciate ligament injuries – deepest of the knee ligaments and often result in swelling, bruising and reduced movement. These injuries may or may not require surgery depending on a number of factors that you can discuss with your physiotherapist.
  • Knee cap pain (patellofemoral pain) – usually associated with an injury or can sometimes come on over a period of time.
  • Tendon pain which can originate from the patella (front of the knee) or hamstring tendons (back of the knee). 

What Can We Do?

Hands On Physiotherapy:

This includes a number of treatment techniques to assist with swelling management, reducing pain and restoring mobility and may include:

  • Joint mobilisations
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Dry Needling
  • Taping

Exercise Based Physiotherapy:

Once the cause of your knee pain has been determined, your physiotherapist will be able to design a tailored exercise plan to return you to your normal work, sport or recreational activities. This might include:

  • Stretches and mobility exercises to help restore movement.
  • Muscle activation exercises to address weak or inhibited muscle groups (very common after a knee injury).
  • Strengthening exercises to restore power to affected muscles.
  • Return to running/sport/work exercises that are tailored towards your specific goals.

All of our patients will have the option to carry out their rehabilitation exercises one to one with their physiotherapist or take part in one of our exercise classes in our on site gym.

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