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Do You Know What Your Pelvic Floor Is?

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Everyone talks about this thing called “the pelvic floor”. We all know we are supposed to do our pelvic floor exercises. But what do these muscles really do and where are they?

Well, your pelvic floor isn’t just made up of muscles! Your pelvic floor is a group of muscles and connective tissue, as well as nerves and blood vessels that are found in your pelvic cavity. What is your pelvic cavity? It’s the area in your pelvis from the pubic bone at the front to your coccyx at the back. The pelvic floor acts together to provide support to the organs suspended within your pelvis which are your bladder, bowel, and uterus. So why do you need to know this? Well, that is because your pelvic floor helps with a lot of important things! It has a major role in the maintenance of continence (wee’s, poo’s and gas), assist in the emptying of your bladder and bowel, and play a role in sexual function.

Now you know what and where the pelvic floor is, and why we need it. So, let’s talk through how to use it.

Yes, It is a Muscle so We Can Exercise It!


I want you to cup your hands in front of you so that your palms are facing up and your pinkie fingers are next to each other. This is a representation of your pelvic floor muscles. The opening between your pinkies is where your wee hole, vagina, and poo hole pass through. Now if you bring your pinkies closer together, lift them up and forward like holding in a wee. This shows you the action of the pelvic floor with each contraction. Then let your hands lower and pinkies come apart, and this is you relaxing your pelvic floor.

Can you, do it? Let’s try!

Place one hand under your bra line and one on your lower belly. Take a deep breath in, and when you breath out try a squeeze – lifting up and forward through your pelvic floor. Remembering to keep relaxed in your bum, thighs, and abs. Then relax and let go of your pelvic floor. Congratulations you just did a pelvic floor contraction!

Not sure if you’re doing this correctly? Or are having issues with incontinence or pelvic pain? You’re absolutely not alone!

Book in now with me! I can take you through a pelvic floor assessment ensuring you are able to correctly activate your pelvic floor, assist with any continence or voiding issues, and give you the right information and program for you moving forwards.

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